In intensive cooperation with the scientific community and top perfumers we continuously create new fragrances and even entire worlds of scents for the business world of today.

Currently, over 100 VoitAir business fragrances provide a special kind of feel-good atmosphere. Based on years of experience, we know the effectiveness of each individual scent and when applied in combination they provide the perfect sensual element to the environment. It has been shown that important determining factors such as length of stay, workplace climate and purchase incentive can be influenced in this manner.

By customer request we also develop company-specific, fully custom fragrances under the name of Corporate Scent. These are variations of fragrances created for just one company and thus become associated with its brand. This establishes an olfactory level of communication with the consumer, which can roughly be translated as a logo for the nose.

However, regardless of the fragrances you want to surround yourself with, they all meet the strict quality requirements of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and are certified internationally according to their criteria.