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Scent performance with passion. An orchestra for the senses.

We are a medium-sized, family-owned company with a strong service orientation. We have passionately dedicated ourselves to the craft of manufacturing scent systems for room capacities of any size. Due to their popularity, they are already in use throughout many industries worldwide.

The fragrances we develop at the highest standards of purity are produced in Grass, France, the fragrance capital of the world. In addition to working as odour eliminators and neutralizers, they are primarily designed to evoke emotions in interaction with a company’s brand, creating significant added value as a differentiating factor for brand identity.

We are also of the opinion that our wide variety of custom business fragrances not only impart a sensuous atmosphere to spaces, but are also part of a sales culture promoting well-being for both customers and employees, able to sustainably increase product sales and build customer loyalty.

We consider this a holistic approach, the intention of which is not just in scenting a room or environment, but rather, when applied correctly, to contribute to a cost-effective and emotional shopping experience.

Because they are produced in close collaboration with our in-house Design, Research and Development department in Munich our scent systems rightly bear the “Made in Germany” label. Due to the high standards of quality employed in our development process, we provide a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Our pens make the perfect companion for everyone. Their small and practical shape fits in any pocket. They also make great gifts for customers and friends. We’d be happy to fill your PEN with your choice of liquid and print it with your company logo or the text you want. We have the right PEN for every occasion!

With their relaxing, concentration-enhancing or appetizing effect, VoitAir’s fragrances create a unique sales atmosphere without the use of chemical or alcohol-based fragrance carriers. They are subject to the highest quality standards, certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).


For us, scent performance is an essential instrument for affecting emotionality in an olfactory manner, demonstrably influencing room atmosphere, sales and presentation quality. Each scent has its own effect and applied correctly, is able to increase the recognisability of a brand in a conscious or subtle manner and associate shopping with a pleasurable experience.

The stylistic intention follows our requirement for a highly design-orientated idiom with high value material quality in order to integrate it into the visual business environment with as little disruption as possible and to lend it an object character in turn. User friendliness is not only exemplified by complete automation and pre-configuration, the ventilators are also 100% service and maintenance-free and easily enable scents to be changed or scent intensity to be adjusted.

The wide range of applications requires a high degree of variability in the size, colour and design of the different models which can be scaled to any size room.

Moreover, our specially developed VoitAir technology enables connection to ventilation and air conditioning systems.


A scent can unleash an entire bundle of emotions and encompass the entire range of emotional perception. That is why we place a great deal of importance on the quality and uniqueness of our fragrances. We are committed to unifying several criteria to create the greatest possible effect on profitability, service orientation and emotionality.

In some cases, it’s not enough for us to use scents only to eliminate or neutralise odours, such as our Voitairfresh series. Furthermore, in combination with our vast repertoire of over 100 VoitAir business fragrances, we want to awaken desires that on an emotional level result in an increase of visitor frequency, length of stay and ultimately, an increase in sales.

and image that you are looking for a gift for your loved ones. You enter a number of rooms, one after the other. The first is poorly ventilated and smells of sweat and synthetic fibres. In the second, a sales room enhanced with sandalwood and cedar with a touch of ambergris and a tangy citrus note awaits you. Incidentally, this is the fragrance we have dubbed “Orient”. While spending time there and giving yourself time to find a suitable gift, the answer is all but obvious. Customer feedback is always immediate – they either stay or go. Scent can do far more, it is also an instrument for measuring a successful shopping experience.


In terms of size, colour and model variations our scent vaporizer systems can modestly or sculpturally fit into the environment and can be used individually or extended for any room capacity.


The unique accessory for your new Atomizer VA 400 from VoitAir.

from € 1.212,61 (with VAT)


The unique accessory for your new Atomizer VA 300 from VoitAir.

from € 1.093,61 (with VAT)


In addition to our existing, extensive repertoire of over 100 fragrances, we can also respond quickly to customer requests. The fragrances are subject to the highest standards of purity, produced without chemical and alcohol-based fragrance carriers.


Our pens make the perfect companion for everyone. Their small and practical shape fits in any pocket. The perfect advertising medium with your company logo.


Dispersing a 100% natural scent to where you want it has never been easier. Fragrance in, natural freshness out. Something only VoitAir atomizers can do.


  • Uniquely compact VOITAIR technology
  • Sharp design
  • Fully automatic and programmable
  • Very simple control of fragrance intensity
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Direct from manufacturer
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty



There is always a solution!

The projects we have already implemented and the long-term nature of our customer relationships demonstrate that we are taking the right approach towards understanding and interpreting scent performance. Success is not only based on a detailed consultation, upon which our precise planning is built on based on the customer’s wishes, but also on developing a sensitivity for the willingness and the skill of people and their needs.

We would like to thank our customers for the trust they place in us and appreciate the shared aspiration of including scent marketing in a holistic strategic approach.


Professional VOITAIR scent systems in use