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Scent performance / Scent marketing

For us, scent performance is an essential instrument for influencing emotionality in an olfactory way and affect room atmosphere, sales and presentation quality in a demonstrably positive way. Each fragrance has its own effect and, used correctly, has the potential to enhance brand recognition consciously or subtly and turn shopping into a pleasurable experience.

Scent performance – the perfect aroma dispenser for you and your customers

VoitAir DuftmarketingWe have developed an aroma dispenser that allows you to take full advantage of scent performance in almost any space. The Atomizer VA 200 to VA9022 series from VoitAir constitutes the perfect basis for fragrance atomizers. They are multifunctional and individually configurable. The wide range of fragrances completes the offer. The stylistic realization follows our claim of a highly design-oriented form language with high quality material, so that our aroma dispensers can optically be perfectly and smoothly integrate into the business environment and become stylish decoration objects.

100% service-free and user-friendly

VoitAir Duftmarketing

User-friendliness is not only illustrated by full automation and pre-configuration, our aroma diffusers are also 100% service- and maintenance-free and make it easy to change the fragrance or regulate the fragrance intensity. Due to the wide range of possible applications, we offer a broad model variation in size, color and design and our models are scaleable for any room size. Moreover, our specially developed VoitAir technology allows docking to ventilation and air conditioning systems.